"With Holloway gypsum on my alfalfa, I get more cuttings and more bales out of each cutting. It really works." -Kevin Streiff, Kevin Streiff Farms, Wasco, CA
"We use gypsum to increase water penetration and to remove salts from the soil. It works well for us." - Ron Cunha, Farming D Inc., Bakersfield, CA
"Part of our ranch was really buckshot, but this year I put gyp on the beds and it just mellowed the soil out. Now the dirt's finer, so it takes up nutrients and water better." - Louis Crettol, Wasco, CA
"Poor water penetration. Bad roots. Nutritional tie up. Even sticktights. Gypsum licked 'em all." - Virgil Reimer, Shafter, CA

About H.M. Holloway Gypsum

With more than 80 years of service to the San Joaquin Valley, H.M. Holloway, Inc. is the San Joaquin Valley’s largest supplier of agricultural gypsum. Today, H.M. Holloway distributes nearly one-half million tons of premium-quality gypsum each year for use in Central California.

Central California farmers rely on Holloway’s Gypsum to neutralize soil alkalinity and boost water preservation. Even without altering this 100% natural product, growers continue to discover new benefits and cost savings from repeated gypsum application. And the results? Significant cost savings plus consistently greater yield and superior quality in all your field and orchard crops.

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